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Education Sponsorship: Scholarship for Entrepreneur Class of University of Nevada Las Vegas

Ted Venners China-US UNLV Grant Anderson

This past March, 2016, the China-US Club sponsored the Technology Commercialization class at UNLV, setting up a scholarship for students who win the final business plan competition.

The class acts as a vehicle to develop a commercialization plan for a product. Students can develop their plan for either a product they would like to create themselves, or for an existing technology like NanoSIM, the groundbreaking China-U.S. club technology used to help plants grow with less watering. This class is offered as a course in engineering, but students from other majors are allowed to enroll as well.

The winner this year was Grant Anderson, a Mechanical Engineering student studying at UNLV. His focus was on commercializing NanoSIM.  The business plan he created included branding, research, financials, and strategy necessary to create a commercial business.

The course has consistently attracted the best award-winning students at UNLV,. Thanks to the cooperation of the China-U.S. Club, a new generation of entrepreneurs are now empowered to think up innovations that will change the way countries and industries interact.

“The China-US Club is proud to sponsor the scholarship for the Technology Commercialization class at UNLV” said Ted Venners, Co-Founder.

New Technology Agricultural Product: Nanotechnology Based Soil Improving Materials by Fontis

ted venners China-US nanotechnology zheng guang bio engineering

NanoSIM represents the latest in new technology that can severely cut water usage up to 50%, improve soil structure, increase vegetation growth, and support plant growth in dry, arid climates.

This past May 2016, China-US Club Co-Founder Ted Venners, oversaw the application of Fontis, a product developed by ZG in China, to five acres of alfalfa land in Smith Valley (Lyon County, Nevada, United States). This product can be critical in saving water for the western U.S. Drought is a serious issue in the west and a product like this is key to helping with the water shortage crisis while maintaining crop yields and production.

Essentially, the product is spread across soil, similar to fertilizer. The SIM product is then in the ground as crops are watered and irrigated, helping to retain the water so that it minimises evaporation and is used by the plants. The purpose of the product is to be able to use less water when irrigating crops. This Fontis product helps the plants to thrive and grow on less water while maintaining its yield per acre.

ted venners senator dean heller lynne ralph mary

“Water is the vital resource of mankind,” stated Ted Venners when asked about the Fontis product. “We must conserve and use it wisely.”

This new product represents great strides in food-growing capabilities and water conservations for both the U.S. and China. Since both countries experience droughts, and both have large populations that need to be fed, this will be an extremely beneficial and innovative product to help with crop-growing in both nations.

Huaneng Group and GreenCert Sign Agreement to Demonstrate MRV

Huaneng Signing Group Ted Venners US China (1)GreenCert, part of the U.S.-China Climate Change Working Group, just signed an Agreement to Demonstrate MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification) for Greenhouse Gases (GHG). The signing took place last month, in Beijing.

GreenCert signed the agreement with Huaneng, one of the largest utility in the world, to develop its next version of MRV. The Group is working with GreenCert to perfect their MRV of greenhouse gases.

Under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, China has recognized a need for accurate and efficient MRV. Currently, GreenCert is working with Huaneng to develop the state-of-the-art technology to be in a demonstrated in a plant located near Beijing, China.

China­-US Club is focused on helping Chinese companies work on corporate sustainability plans and developing carbon credits for their companies,” said Ted Venners, Founder of China-US Club . “We are excited to be working with Huaneng CERI and Carbon Asset Management to demonstrate the state-of-the-art MRV systems”. This type of agreement and cooperation supports continued good relations between the US and China” Venners concluded.

US China Climate Working Group CCUS Workshop

Ted Venners speaking at the 34d ccus workshop demonstrating technical needs and policies

This past June, the U.S.-China Climate Working Group hosted their third ever CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage) Workshop in Xi’an, China. The event was hosted by the Department of Climate Change in China and the Office of Fossil Fuel Energy in the U.S., and the goal was clear: keep carbon emissions in check.

Transparency in all carbon reporting is vital to ensure that companies are abiding by international law and also promoting “green” behavior and concern for the environment.

The Paris Accord requires accurate, transparent, and verifiable measurement of pollutants for Emissions Trading Systems (ETS). Companies met at the CCUS Workshop to discuss how to best reduce carbon emissions by properly storing and capturing waste products, green solutions that could cut down on the amount of pollutants, and how to overall best serve their industries and continue to make and trade their products without putting the natural world at risk.

This workshop is a great opportunity for minds to meld and for ideas to be shared. The U.S.-China Working Group looks forward to another successful year of properly controlled carbon emissions and great communication between nations. Be sure to check back regularly for more updates about U.S.-China business relations.

China-US Club is assisting Chinese businesses to develop their corporate Sustainability Plans and Carbon Offset Strategies.

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